I bend my back back 


I bend my back and pose.
My back is bent back.
I bent back.
Held it. Hold it.
Held it in my hands.
Held liquid in my cupped hands and felt it drip through.
It dripped through the cracks in my hand cup.
Felt the cup holding liquid in my hands.
The hand cupped me.
It cupped my bottom and I bent back.
Backed up and fell back and held it.
Held the cup bottom up.
The liquid fell out and my back bent.
I held it back.
I hold it back.
I bend my back back.

Charcoal on newsprint 


Stills from Rick Owens’ fashion show, Cyclops, SS 2016 Womens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7DD9A57jM0

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