My Daily Run-On Sentence 


The drawing is in good condition. It knows it and everyone else knows it. Not only does the drawing present itself on good paper, and incorporate both vine and compressed charcoal seamlessly to render credible shifts in value, but also there lies an invisible layer of fixative upon the drawing that allows it to protect itself. 


All marks that appear as smudges, all cuts that appear as rips – these are completely intentional and in fact actualize the drawing and its good condition.

All forms that appear in the drawing play their roles, well, too. Legs of a table that walk into human legs do so not due to some mistranslation by the drawing, but rather provide further evidence of the conditions of its reality.

All decisions on the drawing’s value were made based on its own intimate knowledge of the outside influence of a light source so they are the right values.

Actually, long before the drawing presented itself here, it learned of the conditions of drawing – value, line, negative space – so rest assured the drawing is in full control of all its decisions, which makes it a good drawing in good condition.

It runs on, because based on the conditions, it’s doing its best.


The Products of a Decent Woman. Charcoal on paper. 10x4 ft. 


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