My work will be shown in a 2-person show at Roy G. Biv gallery in Columbus, OH. I will be showing 9 new paintings alongside artist and designer, Euzhan Shabazz

Simmer After Boiling
Opening: July 8th, 6-8pm.
Show dates: July 8-Aug 5. 

Third Leg. 2022. Oil and acrylic on canvas. 70x60 in. 

I am curating a show for Dream Clinic Project Space!

Submissions are due July 10th and the show will open on Friday, August 19th. 

Insta: @dreamclinicprojectspace


I Like Your Work Podcast catalogue and online group exhibition, Through Mossy Ways

May 1-31, 2022

My work, Rib Cage, is on the catalogue’s cover


Online Group Exhibition at Artsin Square 


MFA Thesis Exhibition, this, that, and the other thing

Feb 15-March 19, 2022

The Ohio State University 

Urban Arts Space, Columbus, Ohio 

Photos by Matt Pevear 


Solo show at Raum für Sichtbarkeit, Berlin, Nov-Dec 2021 

The works in Inventur/Inventory show a range of paintings and drawings from when Holmes lived in Berlin during 2017 through 2019. From contentious show-downs, to confident explorers, to crumbling buildings, these works show a slice of the artist's trajectory in which she focused on narrative-building and identity politics in her practice. Over the course of two years, Holmes' work changed from centering female figures in stories of their own solitude to morphing the figure with their environment. Using elements of line, rhythm, and a saturated color palette, the later works in 2019 depict figures that become inseparable from their surroundings, exploring how the body shapes its context and how context shapes a body. The works in this show have lived in storage for over 2 years; they are an inventory that reflects the artist's emerging values in both art and life at the time. Throughlines exist between her work then and now: the strained body, the wavering line between subject and object, as well as the emphasis on drawing in her practice. Woven within the works are the influences of the politics and the people she met in Berlin, which evolved the artist's questions around the expectations of the body and of work under patriarchy and capitalism.



Olympia Gallery, Feb 2021

Install of MAIL


Das Giftraum, Jan 2021


Hopkins Hall Gallery, Aug 2020

If, And, With 
Collaborative painting show with Hannah Parrett and Kristen Phipps 


Solo show at Das Giftraum, Jun 2019


Agora Collective, Berlin, Germany, Jan 2019

Two person painting show featuring Louise Thomas and Miranda Holmes 

Group show at Prenzlauer Studio / Kunst-kollektiv, Dec 2017

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